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How to make your deer blind comfortable

If you are a landowner the deer blind makes a lit of sense, a circular or hexagonal deer blind makes even more sense as it allows you 360 views in full comfort. In the following forum thread you will find images that showcase the project`s development as well as advice from fellow hunters, advice definitely worth considering. More details here. 13.

How much does it cost to build a deer blind? DIY Box Blind for Deer Hunting This deer blind may take around 10 hours to complete and is estimated to cost around $300. How do you make a ground blind out of pallets? Just staple roofing felt around the inside or outside of it. Then wrap it with camo burlap, screw some leafy branches to it (or pine.

The Visual, Only Deer Stand Plans were released as a bonus for our online instruction package that teaches how to build a hunting/deer stand from start to finish. This is a detailed plan that lets you see the process as it takes place. No words here, just the visual representation of the idea and the finished product..

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For Knetter's Practical Outdoors Merchandise - .

“Family Tradition Treestands are by far some of the most comfortable and best built deer stands that I have ever used in my 35 years of deer hunting. Their stands make me a better hunter because I can spend more quality time in the stand. More quality time in the stand greatly increases my chances of harvesting that trophy-of-a-lifetime!”.

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